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Occasional licence details

Address Glen Park Hotel 5 Racecourse Road Ayr KA7 2DG
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App. reference 20/00255/LAOPE
Licence Reference 20/00255/LAOPE
Application status Issued
Application type Occasional Licence (Personal) 
Licence details Occasional Licence (Personal) 
Advertised date 06/06/2020 
Applicant Anne Rossi 
Expiry for representations 13/06/2020 
Decision Licence Granted under delegated powers 
Decision date 03/07/2020 
Issued date 03/07/2020 
Event description Temporarily extending beer garden 
Event start date 06/07/2020 
Event end date 19/07/2020 
Licensed hours during which alcohol will be sold on the premises Every day from 10:00:00hrs to 22:00:00hrs 
Licensed hours during which alcohol will be sold off the premises   
Ages of children or young persons permitted entry 0-17 years 
Times at which children or young persons permitted entry 10am to 8.30pm 
Parts of premises to which children or young persons permitted entry All 
National Mandatory Licence Conditions
Occasional Licence - National Mandatory Licence Conditions
Additional Licence Conditions Imposed by Licensing Board
The premises will only be operated where permitted by, and in accordance with, legislation, regulations and directions of the UK and Scottish Governments relative to the COVID-19 pandemic, whether relating to the protection of public health, restrictions of social gatherings, requirement for social distancing or otherwise.
The Licenceholder must ensure that the noise levels from the beer garden shall not cause nuisance within the nearest noise sensitive dwelling house or building.
The Licence holder is required to carry out an appropriate COVID-19 risk assessment to manage and protect against the spread of coronavirus.
The licence holder must ensure that all staff are informed of identified risks and required control measures e.g. physical distancing measures, provision of additional hand washing facilities, provision of adequate facilities for sanitising surfaces, disposal of waste.
Television screens /amplified sound of any description are not permitted
The Licence holder shall ensure that the up to date Scottish Government's Covid-19 guidelines are followed, maintained and the capacity monitored
Children and young persons will be admitted only for the purposes of having a meal and when accompanied by an adult.
The licence holder must ensure that the site complies with the rules and restrictions set out in the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 and the Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restrictions) (Scotland) Regulations 2020 (as amended).
No alcohol is to leave the licensed area.
Adequate and identifiable stewarding is to be provided to ensure the above.
The Licenceholder must in respect of foodstuffs ensure that the site complies with the requirements of the Food Safety Act, 1990 and any regulations or orders arising therefrom or amendments thereto.
The Licenceholder must ensure compliance with Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Prohibition of Smoking in Certain Places (Scotland) Regulations 2006 by preventing persons smoking in no-smoking premises and must provide sufficient no-smoking signage such that a person cannot unknowingly smoke in a no-smoking premises. The Licenceholder must display at least one no-smoking sign that must be conspicuously displayed and be protected from tampering, damage, removal or concealment that shall be a minimum size of 230mm by 160mm and display the international "no smoking" symbol, consisting of a graphic representation of a burning cigarette enclosed in a red circle with a red bar, at least 85mm in diameter and display the name of the person to whom a complaint may be made by any person who observes another person smoking in the no-smoking premises and state that a complaint may be so made.

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