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What's new in WebMap TNG

In response to various user requests for improvements to WebMap the following changes have been made to the application.

Look and feel
The application has been changed to make the layout clearer and functions easier to find. New scale and town search dropdowns have been included below the map to facilite easy navigation about the map. The screen now also includes the navigation bar from the Wire so it is easier to return to.

The application has now been redesigned to meet Government website accessibility standards allowing the text etc to be resized while still retaining the look and structure of the site.

Accessible externally
The underlying GIS application has now been reconfigured to allow WebMap to work from home or other remote sites.

Some new search tools have been added and one altered. WebMap now includes the facility to bookmark areas on the map where you may have an interest and return to them at a later date. These bookmarks are individual to your machine and you can create as many as you require. Also added is a new Find a Facility tool that allows you to quickly and easily go to a South Ayrshire office or site. The last change in Search has been the change to the address gazetteer - this now uses our own in-house created and maintained local address gazetteer. This search tool hs also been linked to the About My Property application on the external website to provide you with even more information about a property.

The layers list has been changed to look more like Windows Explorer with like layers grouped together for easy reference. This also makes it easier to see the business information you are interested in.

The email a map facility has been enhanced to allow Adobe Acrobat PDF documents to be created and emailed as an attachment.

The help files have been updated and restructured to improve both the information within them and the ease of finding information.

Printing maps
The map output has been changed to provide 2 options - HTML print (same as old WebMap) and a new Create Layout function. The HTML print option is similar to the old printing function but now longer requires you to specify high quality output as this is now the default. The map output templates have also been changed to take account of whether a legend is required or not - if you do not need a legend then the map area expands to fill the page. The new option, Create Layout, allows you to create a higher quality map but only works if you have not added any graphics or text to the map. You can now create a map in a variety of formats including Adobe PDF.

Various new tools have been added here to allow improved interaction with the map. You can now select features interactively from the map using a variety of options and generate formated reports of the results. Also added are new Query Builder and Buffer tools that allow more customised querying and reporting on the map layers. A new Zoom to Selected options has been added to support these new functions. The Measure Area tool has been updated to allow you to specify the line colour, thickness, font etc for the graphic you are going to add. Two more new tools in this area are Create Redline Site and Add Custom text - these allow you to add your own information to the map such as outlines and text.

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